Clothing works + Hot War = Pure performance

Germany’s tailoring and textile industries used to be world class – especially their engineering. And the way people dressed. Yep, the personalities from way back then are what we’re missing today. In-depth anatomy studies and life drawings were paramount in producing patterns of mathematical accuracy. These clothing items are still copied today. And let’s not even start on military clothing. Today, Germany’s clothing industry has lost it. They don’t want to get their fingers dirty, I guess. What’s that you ask? What are all those sewing machines for? A man at a Singer sewing machine is like a woman on a Harley Davidson? Sneers like that only prove just who’s responsible for the decline of tailoring and for its dusty image. When people like that try to talk tailoring to me, I take the greatest pleasure in reducing them to matchwood. The finest German machines and the tailoring heritage were sold abroad for a pittance. Generation after generation abandoned the art of tailoring. The catastrophic result? Tailors that look like accountants. Not a spark of fashion awareness anywhere you look. But don’t you worry – all your agencies will be bankrupt soon enough.

Advertising agencies + hot air = earning your money.

Photography by Florian Deventer
Photography Still Life Jens Mauritz