a fashion inspiration by hamansutra
A short film that turns the spotlight on a fashion designer and photographer on the streets of New York seeking models that have the extra motivation lacked by agency models. Model agencies are quick to send out setcards and websites for models that turn out to be very different – or don’t even exist.

Photographer and I will rove from downtown to Upper East Side and include you in our deepest thoughts with voiceovers and subtitles. Welcome to “Modelism”!


Fashion Designer . hamansutra
Music . The Egyptian Lover (Greg Broussard)
Featuring . Claire Anderson
Cinematography . Atsushi Nishijima
Editor . Uli Schoen
Intro Animation . Flin
Recording Studio . Jan Krause and 58Beats
Motion Graphics Color Grading . Jacub Moravek . Studio Seidel
Translation . Alison Moffat
Street Cast . Maddie James, Ashley Arico, Erin Schumaker, Heather Jones, Danielle Black, Caroline Collins, Nicky Jackson, Amelie Alkan.

Location at hamansutra studio, New York 2010

© 100% hamansutra

ITUNES . The Egyptian Lover

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