A shoe that was long in in the making. Based on old boxer boot styles, it became a shoe designed for situations where you need to be on your guard. The problem with boxer boots was always all those laces. So much time spent just on lacing up your boots. I wanted to keep the laces, but added a zipper as a core update. The classic laced style is retained, but the zipper allows you to be out of the dressing room and into the ring in an instant. This combination of laces and zipper is known as a “double safety unit” and originally came from the field of jet aviation. If an emergency occurs in aviation, nobody has time to fumble with laces. This is a really functional design that makes it easy to take your place promptly if there’s an alert. The laces adjust the fit of the shoe to the contours of your foot; once the shoe fits, you need only zip up or down to don and remove it. Couldn’t be faster. The zipper tab is detachable and replaceable for an added style detail. As with all Hamansutra shoes, we recommend using a boot jack to remove the boot. From 0-100 in 0.2 seconds. Available in 100% Black, suitable as a leisure shoe and for going out. Manufactured in Austria

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