Haman Alimardani comes from the third generation of a Persian family of chefs, restaurateurs and gourmets. He launched his hamansutra fashion label in 1996. On a visit to Berlin he was intrigued to discover a chocolate factory and store that echoed his own first name – Erich Hamann Schokolade – Since 1912. Haman meets Hamann! He soon found that the company was an authentic, down-to-earth operation with a philosophy that prized quality and craftsmanship above all else. Old-fashioned by today’s fast-paced, bigger-is-better standards? Perhaps. But also redolent with history and tradition. And, incidentally, it tasted fantastic! Haman immediately identified parallels with his own fashion label, hamansutra. His workshop, which he calls “Bekleidungswerke” or “clothing works“, is a manufacturing centre equipped with a formidable array of vintage sewing machines that are battered, yet still going strong. At its heart is Haman as the mechanic, the master tailor in technical clothing construction, and the Design Director. Quality outlasts even the biggest global trends, and quality is never on sale. Conventional fashion labels are always confronted with the need to appeal to “taste” – but hamansutra’s chocolate appeals to the tastes of dedicated non-followers of fashion everywhere.

“Because taste is about knowledge.”

Enjoy the Planet Soul.
Yours truly,

Erich Hamann & hamansutra