Do you have a business management background and great contacts in the fashion/design industry?

Your duties:
– Acquisition and quotations
Win jobs, prepare quotations

– Negotiations and contracts
Customer contact – diplomatic, yet assertive
Negotiate fees, draw up and sign contracts

– Ideas and realization
Document ideas, source suitable producers and partners, plan and realize projects,
control budgets

– Public Relations & Media
All aspects of public relations, from newsletters to award entries and organizing trade show presence

Your skills:
– You have a deep understanding of creativity and can market it effectively
– You can effectively translate ideas into practice: brainstorming, writing sales profiles, conducting professional correspondence with producers, sponsors and collaboration partners
– You are skilled at establishing new leads and managing existing contacts
– You purposefully acquire sales, listings and contracts, and execute them successfully
– You are meticulous at preparing quotations, offers and contracts
– You are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of PR