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“The Iranian artist, designer and DJ Haman Alimardani (b.1977) is the creative force behind the hamansutra fashion label. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, London, he worked in the theatre costume industry, and now sees the world as a stage for which he can provide the backdrop. For his participation in the Mobile Sessions project, he combines spandex body suits with surreal props to shape his vision of a futuristic body in metamorphosis.”

In july 2011 an article on hamansutra is published in (NOT A TOY), a collection of essays on radical character design in fashion and costume, edited by Vassilis Zidianakis of the Athens cultural organization ATOPOS. Essays by Ted Polhemus, Ginger Gregg Duggan, Judith Hoos Fox.

The volume is the world’s first comprehensive investigation into the growing influence of today’s character culture on contemporary fashion and costume design. It highlights an international scene of established designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, Gareth Pugh, Commes de Garcons.

the first fashion book dedicated to radical character design titled “Not A Toy”.


350 pages, 18,4 × 22,3 cm / 7.24 × 8.78 in
hardcover, fully coloured
isbn 978-3-942245-02-9
49,50 EUR / 39.50 GBP / 60.00 USD

Berlin, Germany

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