Contemporary Graphic Design

Contemporary Graphic Design by Taschen Books: Packing a powerful visual punch:

This compendium showcases the extraordinary cutting-edge work of 100 of the world’s important designers, (hamansutra included) will be inscened by Charlotte & Peter Fiell.
The list of entries includes: Jonathan Barnbrook, The Designers Republic, FUEL, De-Construct, Hideki Inaba, Kessels Kramer, Scott King, ME Company, M/M (Paris), Stefan Sagmeister, and Martin Woodtli.

Taschen Book ask for: Did I want to become a designer?
My primary school report for 1983 said “Keen on drawing.” My goal was always artistic freedom. Tolerance for the art, but strictness with its realization and completion. Do what you want, but do it properly. I transform my ideas into 3D objects, graphics, whatever. I don’t look to ready-made graphics for inspiration – usually too derivative. Like perfectly dressed people. No inspiration – because they’re slaves to the media. Taste is linked to knowledge. How can you have taste if you’ve never tasted? Design is emotion – proof that you live and breathe your design. I love the physical craft of creating. Taking a mistake, a chance element – a coffee stain, a dead fly – and weaving it into the design. Creators should take their experiments more seriously. Everything starts with a prototype. Now the baby has to learn to walk – and never stop learning.

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