CMYK Shoe by hamansutra
The hamansutra think tank now expands with the launch of hamansutra high top shoes

The shoe, a unisex design, has an aesthetic form reminiscent of classical ballet and dance shoes. It is made from quality cowskin leather, with featherlight heel and toe caps that fit closely to the foot like rugged tailor-made socks. The broad lacing and thin sole provide the flexibility and freedom required for acting and dance, yet the special material of the sole ensures that the shoe is suitable for all terrains and provides sufficient protection to prevent foot deformation in everyday wear.

The name indicates a nod to the roots of fashion designer Haman Alimardani, who began his promising career in the field of graphic design. CMYK stands for the four basic colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black), used in printing as the basis of all colors. The shoe will be produced in these four shades plus white – as the basic color of paper. „My shoes are to the world as paint is to a picture. I view myself not only as their designer, but also as the creator of a body which constantly rearranges itself from dancing atoms.“

Ultra-supple, comfortable sock-like shoe, based on traditional dancers‘ shoes. Available in all colors, suitable as a leisure shoe and for going out.

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