The Homage to Levi Strauss involves a 501 jeans design updated and customized by fashion designer hamansutra

available at QUICKSHOP.NYC

Levi’s turned 145 years old on 20th of May 2018.

I hereby present my own Homage to Levi Strauss with my private collection of LEVI’S with Rare Big E. For me, denim is nothing less than clothes for life, and I’ve been wearing Levi’s jackets and pants since I can remember.

Also as double denim, like a suit – a tradition in Texas. I and likeminded aficionados were already prowling flea markets in the 80s and 90s, seeking out the selvedge denim pants with the BIG E label, very aware of the value of what we found. After my research showed that no true homage was ever paid to Levi Strauss, I decided to launch my own project.

And because Levi Strauss came from Bavaria, Germany, I thought it was fitting to incorporate the baby-blue diamonds of the Bavarian flag, in the screenprinted pocket linings and the packaging. Here it is.

The „501 – Original/Updated“ by Hamansutra is limited to 100 pieces, which will be available only on QUICKSHOP.NYC or in our Showroom in Munich and at a price of Euro 349 with packaging.